Current Works In Progress

Below are novels currently being written. Some of these may have estimated finish dates. Generally, there are several projects in various stages of completion, and it is difficult to say how long it will take for each manuscript to be complete. Check back often to see what is near release and any updates I may have for other works-in-progress.


This story is not fully outlined yet. It possibly features wizards. It does feature magic. It started out as a dream shipping Malfoy and Hermione. I’ll be making it my own this November.

Current word count: 0

Current Status: Pre-Outlining

A Cry in the Dark

A story about Rabbit and Jones. Rabbit is just trying to get home and believes that Jones knows the way out. Jones is being less than helpful. Will Rabbit ever find the way out of the dark?

Current word count: 16,436+

Current Status: On Hold


An epic journey awaits Starwall and his friends as they try to save the special connection between horned beasts and humans from an evil that would do away with the life-giving bond.

Current word count: 9,117

Current Status: On Hold


Jonah is an airship captain who suddenly finds himself entwined in a battle that doesn’t involve him. Will he become a hero in a war he shouldn’t be in and get back to his quiet life as a junk hauler?

Current word count: 695

Current Status: On Hold, Research