Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #24

Closeup of dew on kale or cabbage
“Kale Cabbage Salad Food” by Andrea Stöckel

The world powers that be have declared that every person must grow their own food from now on. You are given ten acres of land. You are instructed to submit plans for your new house, garden, and how you will use your new property. Draw up your plans and describe what kind of home you will build. Describe how you will sustain yourself and what you will grow.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #23

View of spring garden with a bench through open window
“Spring Garden Window Frame View” by Karen Arnold

After a hard day, you seek your bed for a bit of a rest. Hours later, you wake up to discover you’ve rested yourself into another place altogether. You’re no longer in your own home. Instead, you find yourself tucked under a country quilt looking out into a lovely garden. As you curiously sit up, a knock on the door startles you. A young woman enters with a smile. What happens next?