Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #29

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

2021 is coming to a close. 2022 is upon us. As always, we are eager to explore the possibilities of the next twelve months. This week’s writing prompt will focus on your future self. I’d like you to write a letter to yourself. Write about your hopes, dreams, fears, and anything else you feel is important to remember. Include how you feel about your current relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. Talk about your job, your hobbies, and how you spend your time. Note your health and your mental state. Tell your future self about the things you want to change. Most importantly, write down words of encouragement to your future self.

Let’s make 2022 the year of self-reassurance. We need to be kinder to ourselves. The world is such a difficult place to be in lately. We need to remember how to love ourselves and make the world a more beautiful place in our own eyes. Sending you positive thoughts for the new year, friend.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #27

Santa Claus figure ornament on fake snow
“Santa Claus In Snow” by Vera Kratochvil

In a strange twist of fate, you are now living as a real life Santa Claus for your city. Instead of sneaking down chimneys with pretty gifts to put under Christmas trees, your task is to give gifts that will improve the lives of those around you. What sort of gifts do you give?

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #24

Closeup of dew on kale or cabbage
“Kale Cabbage Salad Food” by Andrea Stöckel

The world powers that be have declared that every person must grow their own food from now on. You are given ten acres of land. You are instructed to submit plans for your new house, garden, and how you will use your new property. Draw up your plans and describe what kind of home you will build. Describe how you will sustain yourself and what you will grow.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #23

View of spring garden with a bench through open window
“Spring Garden Window Frame View” by Karen Arnold

After a hard day, you seek your bed for a bit of a rest. Hours later, you wake up to discover you’ve rested yourself into another place altogether. You’re no longer in your own home. Instead, you find yourself tucked under a country quilt looking out into a lovely garden. As you curiously sit up, a knock on the door startles you. A young woman enters with a smile. What happens next?